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PRUMATT Performance Active Wear

PEACE - Flared Trousers- CAMEL BROWN

PEACE - Flared Trousers- CAMEL BROWN

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The color white represents purity, cleanliness, and tranquility. For survivors, it can symbolize a fresh start, the resilience of a spirit untouched by past traumas, and the peaceful journey towards healing and empowerment.

Elevate your style with our luxurious High Waisted Flared Trousers crafted from the Naked Double-sided Sanding Fabric. These trousers, balancing both style and comfort, are designed for a flawless fit and a buttery-soft touch. The breathable and anti-static properties ensure you remain fresh and at ease all day long. Lightweight with a gentle stretch, they're an environmentally conscious choice, meticulously crafted sustainably. Additionally, with every purchase, Prumatt donates to The Center, supporting victims of domestic & sexual violence in CT. Look sophisticated, feel empowered, and champion a cause.

Collection: SURVIVOR

Material: 78% Nylon + 22% Spandex

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